The capital city of the United Arab Emirates is full of unforgettable sights and architectural gems. The following tour package gives a unique opportunity to experience many facets of this breathtaking city.


Sample bundle for a 7-day stay:

Sharjah is a city where Islamic tradition meets modernity. Tourists who come to Sharjah will be able to experience cultural heritage of the Muslim world.

  • visits to Sharjah’s numerous museums, including Sharjah Heritage Museum and Sharjah Archaeological Museum;
  • visit to the Souk Al Arsa;
  • visit to the Sharjah Aquarium;
  • culinary tour to Sharjah’s best restaurants;
  • visit to the Al Qasba Channel cultural center.

Visit the cultural capital of the Arab world with us!

Dubai is widely known as one of the fastest changing places on Earth. Tourists who want to experience a blend of modernity and tradition, learn about rich Arab culture or just relax in a beautiful urban environment will be delighted to take this tour.